The anime and manga industry is an ever-changing climate of innovative technologies and stylish themes coupled with extravagent artwork and adventurous stories.  From mecha shows to shoujo media, from distribution companies to game wizards, and from the vast information resoures on the Internet to interactive Q&A sessions with high-profile Guests, AnimeExpo99's large hub of social interest forums packed in countless fans listening in on or actively participating in influencing the decisions made in the anime industry and beyond.


Gallery Two

Yasuhito Kikuchi (left) at his focus panel. Madhouse Studio's focus panel with Hisashi Abe and Hiroshi Hamasaki.
EX: Online World of Anime's panel discussing future projects and fans' perspectives.  EX was also able to write their own articles on AX99 and the guests.  For more information, please visit their website at:
World of Anime discusses their exclusive anime coverage on a public cable access channel at their panel.  For more information, you can reach them at:
Sailor Moon's Kazuko Tadano (center) and Hiromi Matsushita (right) at their focus panel. Shoujo Anime panel always brings in a large crowd of excited female attendees who wants to express their love for the pretty boys of anime.
Anime in America panel, discussing the cult status of anime now turned mainstream.

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