The list of featured Guests of Honor this year toppled all past records of guest lineups for any convention.  This year's AnimeExpo had: Hisashi Abe, character designer for Devil Hunter Yohko 2,3 and animation director for the new Vampire Hunter D; Mika Akitaka, creator of the Galaxy Fraulein Yuna series and mecha designer for Nadesico tv series; Hiroshi Hamasaki, animation director for Midnight Eye Gokuu and animation director for the new Vampire Hunter D; Mari Iijima, voice of Minmei for the Macross tv series and movie as well as aspiring US tv actress; Mayumi Iizuka, voice actress of Pokemon tv show as "Kasumi" and "Nanaka" from Mahou Tsukai Tai!; Yutaka Izubuchi, mechanical designer for Patlabor tv series, Gundam, and Gasaraki; Sachiko Kamimura, character designer for City Hunter and Legend of Arslan; Yoko Kanno, orchestral composer for Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, Macross Plus, and Memories; Toshihiro Kawamoto, character designer for Cowboy Bebop, Gundam 0083, and Golden Boy; Yasuhito Kikuchi, animation director and supervisor for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Golden Boy series and director of Pretty Sammy, El Hazard, and Kurogane Communication; Hiromi Matsushita, animation director for Sailor Moon, Vampire Hunter D, and Wataru; Hiroyuki Ochi, creator and character designer for Armitage III and the new Sol Bianca series and character designer for The Hakkenden; Kazuko Tadano, character designer for Sailor Moon tv series, Dancougar, Wedding Peach, and Crystal Triangle; Akio Takami, character designer for Steam Detectives tv series and mecha animation supervisor for Sonic Soldier Borgman; Akira Kamiya, voice actor for City Hunter's "Ryo Saeba" and Urusei Yatsura's "Shutaro Mendo" bringing with him his huge class of very talented voice actors and actresses; Nobuyuki Ohnishi, artist of the beautiful landscapes and architectures seen in Wings of Honneamise; and Honored AX Chairman Noburo Ishiguro, president of Artland Studios which headed production of Macross tv series and movie as well as the original face behind Macross Captain Gloval.


Gallery One

From left to right: Hiromi Matsushita, Kazuko Tadano, and Nobuyuki Ohnishi. From left to right: Toshihiro Kawamoto, Yutaka Izubuchi, and Yasuhito Kikuchi. From left to right: Hiroshi Hamasaki and Sachiko Kamimura.
Yoko Kanno chats with friendly's Kevin Lillard. Mari Iijima introduces old friend Noburo Ishiguro to her husband and two sons. Mayumi Iizuka at her very popular panel/autograph session.
Mika Akitaka at the Meet the Guests Reception. Akira Kamiya with a shining smile at Masquerade. Hiroyuki Ochi at his autograph session.

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