This section of LLNN would've been called Media Coverage, but it just sounded too boring so we decided to give it something more intriguing like Fan Fun!  And fun it was at AnimeExpo99 with more television camera crews and photographers capturing glimpses and sound bites from the crowds of cosplayers and excited attendees who travelled a long way to be part of the AX media hype.

Fan Fun!

Equiped with bright lamps, video cameras, and cute anchorwomen with mics, the roaming broadcast Japanese and American television crews never hesitated to get to know the regular and cosplaying attendees and come away with loads of great footage.
Where there was something spectacular  to see, World of Anime was on the spot to capture it on video for its fan-based cable channel. Shown here are a few glimpses of fans capturing souveniurs of their AX experiences on film, most of the sights being that of cosplayers or friends posing with cosplayers.
Some fans expressed their emotional awe and wonderment to be in the presence of the guests at the end of their discussion panels. For those who couldn't find time to get pictures of the cosplayers strolling around the halls, the AX Masquerade held a convenient Photo Opportunity for the throngs of shutterbugs against a wall of colorful costumes. The bird of the hour?  PenPen shakes his groovy tookus for the fans after AX Masquerade awards.

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