Events coverage this year was stretched to the limit across an impressive record-breaking array of popular guests, ceremonies, current feature films, multiple concerts, and more across all three days.  Never an hour passed by without the LLNN coverage crew being on top of main events and activities scheduled back to back in multiple function areas.  Line traffic control, advanced ticketing for main events, and expanded room allocations helped AnimeExpo pack in the crowds of excited attendees eager to fill their weekend with tons of anime convention experiences.


Gallery Three

Continued from last section: after the Voice Acting Performance, the Masquerade judges announce the winners of the Masquerade, evaluating from skit performance, costume design, and overall show.  For results of the Masquerade Contest, please see Masquerade Gallery 13. Last day's main events end off with the wildly popular Art Show and Charity Auction where fans and even AX staff bid huge sums of money on coveted fan and Guest artworks.
Contained in a hall of spendthrifty anime art consumers hungry to bid and win, two AX staffers duked it out on the open frontier for Guest sketches this year with one thing in mind: one shall stand, one shall bow at the other's feet!  The result, Dickinson Lo pleas uncle to evil goatee Jeremy Johnson who walked away with a Gundam sketch for $2500, a Deedlit sketch for $2000, and a sneer.
The SPJA Awards Ceremony starts off with introductions to the Guests of Honor again and presentations of the SPJA plaques and trophies to the honored winners.
Repeated winner of the Music Video Contest Kevin Caldwell is called to the podium in response to numerous staffers and fans wanting to know who the great guy is who composes nearly all the winning videos.  Once again, he graciously donated his Music Video prizes (Director's Chairs signed by the Guests of Honor) to the SPJA Charity Auction. Presentation of the SPJA Charity check with remaining Guests of Honor for the weekend: (standing from left to right) AX CEO Mike Tatsugawa, Noburo Ishiguro, Nobuyuki Ohnishi, Toshihiro Kawamoto, Hiroshi Hamasaki, Sachiko Kamimura, Yutaka Izubuchi, (kneeling in front from left to right) Hiromi Matsushita, Kazuka Tadano, Akio Takami, Yasuhito Kikuchi, and Mika Akitaka.
Honorary AX Chairman Noburo Ishiguro draws the last eye in on the AX daruma and knocks the AX Gavel signifying another successful year of AnimeExpo.

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