From cosplay to dating games to a whole lotta karaoke at the poolside, AFO4 saw lots of activity from day 'til night and it almost seemed like the weekend would last forever.  LLNN managed to capture some of those highlights for this year in this section.

Anime Festival Orlando 4
Main Events

Game Shows filled up the room fairly fast with choices of Anime Jeopardy, Anime Name-That-Tune, Scavenger Hunt - The Bored Game, and The Weakest Geek.

Karaoke: Friday night was the time to sing out your heart and soul with your friends!  Not even the slight showers on the humid night could stop many fans from belting out the free-flowing anime tunes.

Cosplay Show: Saturday Night's Cosplay Show held in the main ballroom had a ton of great performances for the audience to enjoy.  Many of the entries included characters from Evangelion, Fruits Basket, Final Fantasy X, Excel Saga, Pokemon, Hamtaro, Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam Wing, Inuyasha, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy X-2, Chobits, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Morning Musume, Final Fantasy 8, Pirates of the Carribean, Yami no Matseui, Gravitation, King of Fighters vs. SNK, Cowboy Bebop, Dance Dance Revolution, Hellsing, Clover, One PIece, and many more.

Highlights of the Cosplay Show included performances such as Evangelion's wacky version of Yatta!, Anime Christmas in August with characters from numerous anime singing 12 Days of Christmas - anime-style!, Yuna and Lenne from Final Fantasy X-2 grooving to American beats, Pikachu and Ham-Hams putting on an awesomely cute concert, State of the NERV Address with characters from Evangelion doing the ParaPara, a big Morning Musume concert complete with singing and dancing, drunken anime characters singing the praises of beer, a string of Chii play on words, a crowd-pleasing onstage surprise marriage proposal, and a whole lot more.  Definitely a wild and crazy night!

Additional cool events held across the weekend included Saturday Night's Anime Music Video contest held in the main ballroom, Sunday afternoon's Cosplay Contest for craftsmanship skills in the workshop room, and a neat Scavenger Hunt for the ardent fans out there who wanted something a little less than an ordinary convention adventure.

AFO Dance Party: The small but good place to kick it on the dance floor was open for a couple of hours on Saturday Night after the big Cosplay and AMV events in the main ballroom.  Choices of music was mostly J-pop, J-Rock, and some American songs filled up by requests from the dancers on the floor.

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